Recognized as an industry expert and design trend analyst, Ellen Cheever has presented kitchen and bath design symposiums to international audiences in New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Japan, South America and Canada, as well as throughout North America since 1976. Additionally, she has organized and led international design tours and attended the Cologne LivingKitchen® Furniture Fair and Milan's EuroCucina Show for the past 25 years.

Ellen has developed training and marketing programs for specific sectors of the industry. She has created and presented symposiums focused on the design, sales and business management of residential kitchen and retail design studios.

Recently Ellen was part of a panel of experts talking to New York City homeowners about small kitchens.

Architectural Digest New York Panel


In addition to in-person training programs, Ellen also presents a series of on-line webinars sponsored by Jenn-Air.

"Jenn-Air was pleased to partner with Ellen Cheever in 2010 when she designed an innovative concept kitchen for our display at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Since then, we've worked with Ellen on a variety of educational programs including "live" in-person CEU events in select markets, a two day immersion experience at our corporate training facility in Chicago combining classroom time with Ellen with hands-on product knowledge in the Jenn-Air kitchens, and live webinars moderated by Ellen and featuring other widely-recognized designers. Ellen does a phenomenal job of tastefully integrating our product with cutting-edge, on trend education allowing us to connect with design professionals in a meaningful and impactful way. Her knowledge and experience in the kitchen & bath industry has taken our programs to a new level!"

Jon Barfell
Brand Experience, Jenn-Air


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Dear Ellen:

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your Webinar presentation, “The Two Kitchen Home of the Future”, sponsored by KBDN and Jenn-Air. It was so well done!

I found the design solutions to be innovative and fresh, making perfect sense for each specific application. As a custom cabinet manufacturer, I enjoy looking at the process from the design point of view. I appreciate the thought and detail that goes into each design, which is ultimately the first step in the manufacturing process. Congratulations on a great presentation of ideas and solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Sheldon Horst
Premier Custom Built Cabinetry


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Dear Ellen:

Thank you for your continued support of Premier Custom Built Cabinetry. We value you as an esteemed colleague and truly appreciate the relationship we’ve shared with you over these many years. Your industry knowledge and enthusiasm make you one of our favorite people!

Once again your participation at our annual Designer Conference helped make our event a great success. Your insights into design direction and trends are always right on the mark and your most recent topic: Design Update – What’s New, What’s Next, ranked number one on our response survey as the “best presentation of the day”.

Additionally well received was your November webinar, The Two Kitchen Home of the Future. This informative look at the changing face of the family-unit was filled with solutions on how to best manage design challenges, while still meeting the needs of these non-traditional groups. You brought a great understanding of how the evolving family has influenced the need for unique, additional cooking and entertaining areas. Your design and space planning examples were both functional and beautiful. We were pleased to be invited to add our expertise in the area of outdoor kitchens and, as always, enjoyed working with you.

We appreciate our ongoing relationship and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Warm Regards,

Andrea Tobias, CKD
Sales & Marketing
Premier Custom Built Cabinetry


Dear Ellen:

Thank you for sharing a wonderful presentation full of action items and "What does this mean to me?" commentary.

I am also excited to report that our conference survey recorded you at a 4.7 rating out of a possible 5. This is the highest rating yet for a closing keynote presenter; congratulations! As we predicted, you were able to stimulate a great deal of interest due to your reputation and the excitement of your presentation on the Design for One and All. We noted that there were a significant number of questions that were asked of you and several that commented that your information should be included at subsequent EBC's. This too is testimony of the success of your presentation.

Best Regards,
L. Duane Griffiths
Stiles Education Manager
Judy Cisley
Stiles Education Supervisor



Dear Ellen:

Thank you so much for being a Design Views presenter in the Kohler Design Center Educational Series. I have participated in NKBA seminars over the years that use your books as their backbone and have considered them the guideline for space design when working with clients. It was wonderful to see the author at work.

The feedback from the participants at your seminar has been very positive. Adjectives such as inspiring, useful, insightful, practical and rejuvenating were used repeatedly in the evaluations of the seminar.

In addition, you were well organized and stayed on schedule. You were able to answer questions effectively from a diverse group: students, builders & designers. Your hands-on activities were not only educational but also fun. You used our beautiful facility in an innovative and valuable way. The handouts that you offered are priceless. I keep mine on my desk as a reference for clients seeking kitchen design ideas.

You are an excellent speaker and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to having you as a presenter in the near future.

Karen Wuerzberger, Supervisor
Kohler Design Center Operations


Attendee Testimonials:

"Your presentation was very insightful and inspiring. I was very fortunate to hear about the current trends in kitchen design by EuroCuccina presented by you. It is exciting to see the designers reviewing their design habits and comfort levels and attempting to introduce change here on the West Coast.

...your insight was very helpful to me profesionally, as well as beneficial to my showroom in the business sense, since the designers' who visit the Studio Becker showroom will hopefully generate some really good leads and long-term business relationships."

"It has been so long since we met. I can't even begin to tell you what has happened since we last worked together. When I met you in Haddonfield, NJ, I had been designing for only 6 or 8 years? You said something to me, at a dinner one night, that changed my path significantly. You gave me a compliment and a criticism. You said that I was a really good designer with greater potential, ...but (here's the criticism) you will never be a great designer if you do not stop trying to save people money. You said I had to sell like I could afford to buy the beautiful things that I designed. You also said I had to carry that persona like it was my own lifestyle. That discussion stuck with me like glue and I have accomplished so much for that girl, years ago, could have dreamed of. My creativity and my self esteem continued to carry me through life and I always wanted to just say "thank you", to the woman who gave me what I needed to succeed.

I am sure that you have influenced and taught many designers since meeting me, but I hope that this e-mail touches you, just a little, as you have touched me."

"Let me start by telling you that the academy was so beneficial to me. The product knowledge has been put to good use and my sales on Champion toilets are done with excitement and confidence, as is Stay Clean for whirlpools and conversations regarding bidets. As a showroom salesperson for 18 years, it refreshed me completely and gave me renewed faith in what I have to offer my clients, and how important my service is to their bathroom and kitchen projects."




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